Wedge of Iceberg- Wedge of Iceberg lettuce garnished with cherry tomatoes and bacon bits.

House Salad – Fresh tossed greens, bacon bits, croutons, chopped egg and cherry tomatoes.

Caesar Salad – Crisp Romaine blend lettuce mounted high, tossed with grated Parmesan, croutons and finished with Caesar dressing.

Sarah’s Salad – Crisp tossed greens, strawberries, and tossed inChef Doug’s special poppy seed dressing.

Bacon Spinach Salad – Tossed spinach, boiled eggs, red onion, bacon bits, mushrooms, croutons & seasoned with a special dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad – Marinated chicken breast with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes & seasoned croutons.

Grape Salad-Mixture of  red and green grapes in a white cream sauce, then topped with brown sugar and nuts.